Living Alone Isn’t Lonely

Because it doesn’t have to be.

Being away from family since university days, I believe I’ve grown into quite an expert when it comes to living “independently”.

Independently, but not really living on my own, at first. Sharing an apartment with other people, mostly strangers, was the most practical option for me as a student and when I had just started working. It was okay, I didn’t have much choice anyway.

Over time, though, I’ve become less tolerant of people outside of my inner circle. And more often than not, I would need space even from those who matter the most to me.

Space, I’ve learned, is like the air we breathe. There has to be enough of it. But unlike air that’s freely available, needing space is costly, literally and figuratively.

But I think of it as an investment, so I’ve made a conscious decision to create that space by myself, for myself. I’ve embraced living alone and it has since been rewarding in more ways than one.

It’s freeing. As an INFJ-A, I need a great deal of alone time. Sure social interactions are fine. They’re inevitable, even more for a corporate communications practitioner like me. But every so often, I find myself craving disconnection. And that wouldn’t be possible if I wasn’t living alone and loving it.

There’s just no other place like my own space, my safe haven, my little corner. That part of the world where I can just break away from anything and everything. A breathing room, a charging station, a happy place.

Because living alone doesn’t mean being lonely. It’s finding joy in solitude. It’s navigating life on your own terms, at your own pace. It’s enjoying your own company.

But to live alone unapologetically and happily takes hard work. It’s a conscious effort. It’s deliberately protecting your peace and energy, and that’s not always easy.

You’ll have to push yourself to set boundaries. You’ll have to learn to say no without feeling guilty. You’ll have to understand that with your independence comes the responsibility to look after yourself. You’ll have to constantly remind yourself that this is your life and you have every damn right to make your own rules.



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